If you've been looking for a sign, this is it...
Finally, A Live Event With No Sales Pitches, That 
Actually Teaches You To Put Money In Your Pocket

If you've NEVER attended a live event I need to tell you, they are one of the LEADING predictors of success. Meeting people to face to face and getting information explained PERSONALLY is just not something you can substitute. 

That Is Why I Decided to Start Bots And Business!
I was honestly looking for an event that could teach the things that REALLY matter to those looking to make it in a digital world. I don't know about you, but I don't need to sit through an event where we talk about Google Analytics and how to increase site load speed...

I'd rather learn thing that will drastically move the needle in my business!

At Bots And Business LIVE I'll Be Teaching;
  •  How Bots Work: The reason MOST people aren't using Messenger bots is because they don't understand them. I'm going to be covering EVERYTHING you need to in order to start making and using bots for your business.
  • How To Build A Profitable List Using Bots: Yes, a LIST. Like a REAL list that utilizes Messenger that can used to promote your products or services CONSTANTLY!
  •  How To Build A Bot Business: There are over 60,000,000 fan pages and only 200,000 (reported by Messenger themselves) are using bots right now. This is the equivalent of saying there are 60,000,000 acres of gold, but only 200,000 of them are being mined...
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