Already Over $5.8 Million Dollars In Sales And We're Just Getting Started With The BRAND NEW Renovated Software And Webinar! The Chatmatic Affiliate Masterclass Is PRIMED To Make You A LOT Of Cash, Regardless Of Your List Size!
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Here Are The Hard Facts
We've been running Chatmatic for Over 6 years now and our first webinar did nearly $56,000 in sales live... and we've gone nothing but up since! Take a look at some of our top JV's and have a look at how much everyone is earning per attendee. 

The MOST important number with webinars is how much you make for everyone you send our way, I know that... so I've optimized this to be one of the best! Also it's important to note, every year we are adding features but not increasing our price... so the offer has literally gotten better EVERY SINGLE YEAR.
Alex Becker - 6 Figures In Commissions from 2 Webinars!
$248,000 in NET Sales... Alex made more than $120,000 in commissions in 2017 alone from just 2 webinars! $230/ Attendee!
Ricky Mataka - Another 6 Figure Promoter!
$210,000 in Sales With less than 15 mailings! $175/ Attendee!
Anik Singal - $100,000+ With a single webinar
$48,000 in PAID commissions from one live webinar and zero replays!
Over $400 Per attendee!
Fred Lam - $70,000 in Net sales
$35,000 in commissions with less than 8% refunds! $250/ Attendee!
Stephen Floyd - Over $280 PER ATTENDEE
With only 100 people live we closed out over $28,000 in sales and that doesn't include the multi pay 
That's obviously just scratching the surface! We've paid out a whopping $880,000 in commissions WITHOUT having an official launch for this sucker. It's been absolutely wild fire because people love jumping on this new trend!
Here's A Demo Of The Webinar
This is our "masterclass" and runs like an automated webinar. This is a 24/7 sales machine and the funnel we've built behind it ENSURES that everyone that you send will be given AMPLE opportunity to make a purchase decision. Between retargeting ads with your cookie, a 12 email follow up (also with your cookie), and SMS and other future promos that ALL HAVE YOUR COOKIE... the opportunity to make money here is amazing!
Check Out The Chatmatic Demo Here!
Your Subscribers Will Get Results With This Program!
We have over 1000 different testimonials of people absolutely smashing with this system. We teach them how to use it for themselves, OR, how to use it for others. 

Whether they already have an existing business, or they are looking to get into a new business by starting an agency... we can show them exactly (step by step) how to get started. Our webinars offer them different pricing based on how they plan to use it as well. We have multiple license options as well as single license options!
How The Commissions Work
We pay 40% across the board on recurring AND up front lifetime offers. It's important to remember that this is a Messenger bot platform and has INSANE stickiness. We're seeing 60% retention year to year because once someone has a subscribe inside of our system... they can't leave or they lose that subscriber!

We have a live funnel AND a pre recorded funnel.

BOTH of our funnels will push the sign ups through a VERY in depth follow up sequence that includes ads, multiple email segmentations, and even abandon cart follow ups (which have insane return for you). All of which is done through "naked links" on our end so the commission is yours!

You literally just send them in, and we introduce them to the product they've been looking for!
Webinar Sales Funnel
$997 Yearly for Unlimited chatmatic  (With payment plans of $149/ month!) - 40% Commission
These funnels are bulletproof, tested, and we OBVIOUSLY would love to walk you through any of this that you need.
Make Sure To Contact Us!
Our goal and objective is to make promoting for us fun, easy, and mostly profitable… So please let me know if there is ANYTHING I can do to improve your promotion for us by sending me a personal email at stephenson.travis @
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I am not one of those guys that only wants people to promote for me with no interest in promoting back! We reserve up to 2 promotional windows per month for our partners! All that we ask is that you understand that we can't promote EVERYTHING. It's got to be a match for our list.

I won't ask you to promote Chatmatic if it's not a match for your list because I wouldn't expect the same in return. However, if it's a match... let's fill a webinar and make some money!
Thank you for giving us some thought! Chatmatic is a great tool and really can make you a lot of money… so if it’s something you can put together let’s make it happen!

Here’s where you can reach me:
Travis Stephenson
Skype: travisofferatti